The Greenhouse with P.M. Freestone is a monthly newsletter about growing plants, stories and ideas.

It stems from one of the most common questions an author receives:

Where do your ideas come from?

Me? I spend a lot of time in my garden. Many story seeds have germinated while I’ve been digging, pruning or weeding. Before I had a plot to call my own, I collected houseplants. Scotland is also a great place for foraging—follow the seasons for blackberries and elderflower, rosehips and wild garlic.

My lifelong ambition is to run a garden-to-table writing retreat. Folk would tend their creativity among flowers and fruit trees, and I’d get to make them delicious meals in exchange for nerdy chats.

But that’s a blue-sky dream.

In the meantime, there’s this space. I’ll take you behind-the-scenes of my books and writing process, share a bunch of cool stuff I find along the way (including peeks into my garden!), and interview interesting people about how they grow plants, stories and ideas.

Sound like your thing?

Welcome to The Greenhouse with P.M. Freestone.

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A newsletter about growing plants, stories and ideas.


P. M. Freestone

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